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BT-135-SS - Kwikcut Replacement Blade - Stainless Steel Blade

  • Replacement Blade For T-135
  • Stainless Steel
Item #: BT135SS
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    These multi-purpose cutters are designed to make quick work of Polyethylene pipe, thin wall PVC, hose, tubing and most other non-metal items. Our blades are manufactured at the Dawn Industries plant using a proprietary blade making system from the longest lasting, highest quality metal. This ensures exceptional quality control throughout the production process and creates a blade that is sharper and holds its edge longer for more clean, precise cuts. Together with the tough fiberglass reinforced nylon handles KwikCut is the highest quality cutter on the market at any price. 100 and 135 series models are available with orange or black handles as well as stainless steel or PTFE coated blades. SS200 and SL200 are only available with black handles and stainless blades.