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Apollo 1 1/2" 4A Pressure Vacuum Breaker - PVB

  • Made In The USA!
  • Stainless Steel Handles and Trim
  • Bronze Body
  • Modular Cartridge Check
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    Made in the USA!

    The Apollo® Model PVB4A Pressure Vacuum Breakers prevent contamination of the potable water supply due to back-siphonage. An integral freeze protection relief valve serves to reduce the possibility of damage due to intermittent freezing conditions. The modular check valve cartridge provides a captured spring, a replaceable seat and a reversal silicone seat disc. This Made in America assembly features Apollo® ball valves with stainless steel handles and nuts as standard.

    The Apollo PVB4A Series Pressure Type Vacuum Breaker consists of a replaceable check valve cartridge and a unique atmospheric vent bonnet/float assembly located between two resilient seated shut-off valves. The modular design allows for unprecedented ease of inspection and maintenance. During normal flow conditions, the check valve remains open and the float seals on the bonnet assembly. A minimum supply pressure of 10 psig is normally required to fully shut the float. As the line pressure falls to 1 psig, a spring-loaded atmospheric vent valve opens, breaking the vacuum and thereby preventing back-siphonage. In the event of exposure to short-term freezing temperatures, a spring-loaded relief valve in the float protects the PVB body and internal components from damage. As the temperature increases above freezing, the relief valve automatically reseats. During normal operating conditions, the relief valve will not discharge.
    Manufacturer: Apollo

    Model #: 4A-507-02F

    Flow: 80 GPM

    Recommended Operating Pressure: 10-150 PSI

    Inlet/Outlet: 1 1/2" FPT

    Literature: Apollo 4A Sell Sheet, Apollo 4A Spec Sheets