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Liberty Pumps - 441 - Battery Back-up Emergency Sump Pump System w/ Alarm

  • High output 12 volt submersible pump
  • Automatic, mercury-free switch
  • Control panel
  • Battery box and strap
  • 12 volt charger
  • Tee, check valve and bushings for 1-1/2" or 1-1/4" connections
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    Battery operated 12 Volt DC
    Adapts to 1-1/2 or 1-1/4 Discharge

    Liberty's model 441 takes over when the power goes out. Operating from the power of a marine-grade deep-cycle battery*, the 441 features a high-output 12 volt pump, advanced 5-stage charging system, easy-connect terminal block, battery box and plumbing connections. *(Battery not included.) Designed to be used in conjunction with a primary 120V sump pump.


    • Advanced Charging System outperforms “trickle” chargers with a 5-stage charging process. The system tests the battery and maintains a maximum charge without running the battery down or selfdischarging. A sophisticated charging algorithm continuously tests the charging process from start to finish.


    Stage One: Pre-Qualification Test - Yellow Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) flashes during this stage. Pre-Qualification Test applies three tests to the battery. Further charging prohibited if charger discovers a fault. The duration of this stage is dependent on the condition of your battery and is approximately 40 seconds to 2 hours.

    Stage Two: Constant Current Charge - Yellow L.E.D. illuminates continuously indicating that the charger is charging the battery at full rated output.

    Stage Three: Constant Voltage Charge - Yellow L.E.D. remains illuminated continuously and finishes when battery state of charge is fully charged.

    Stage Four: Float Charge - Green charged L.E.D. is on. Charger will maintain battery while A.C. power is connected and can be left connected indefinitely; limited only by the service life of battery.

    Stage Five: Recycle Charge - While connected to battery for storage charging, a new charge cycle routine initiates once every 84 days.

    Time dependent charging with built-in 150-hour safety timer. If the safety timer “times-out,” A “Fault” is displayed and charging is discontinued to protect equipment from “run-away” battery under charge.