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Aqua-Pure - AP510 - Full Flow Drinking Water System

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to replace cartridge
  • 2,000 Gallon Capacity
  • 1.75 gpm Flow Rate
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    Aqua-Pure - AP510 - Full Flow Drinking Water System

    The Aqua-Pure™ Under Sink Drinking Water Filtration System helps reduce sediment, chlorine taste and odor, as well as lead and cysts from your drinking water. Connects directly to a dedicated or designer faucet.

    • Designed with built-in shut-off valve offering fast and easy cartridge changes
    • Premium depth filter for higher sediment removal efficiency and longer cartridge life
    • Specially formulated high adsorption activated carbon media for long cartridge life and reduction of unwanted chlorine taste and odor
    • Scale and corrosion inhibition system helps protect equipment and ice makers against scale build-up and the damaging effects of corrosion
    • Manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials
    • Complete installation manual is enclosed for easy reference and simple installation

    The 3M Aqua-Pure™ Under Sink Drinking Water System installs under the kitchen or bath sink to deliver cleaner, clearer, better tasting drinking water straight from the tap. This system provides filtered water on demand for drinking (water, coffee, tea, baby formula, etc.) as well as for cooking and cleaning. The AP Easy Complete Water Filter System includes everything needed for most installations, including quick-connect fittings, an attached mounting bracket, and a dedicated faucet. A built-in shut-off valve allows filter changes without shutting off the water supply.

    AquaPure™ water filters are manufactured by 3M Purification Inc., formerly CUNO Incorporated. The Easy Complete system reduces chlorine taste and odor, particulate, lead, mercury, asbestos, and VOCs (including: P-dichlorobenzene, Toxaphene, Lindane, Atrazine, Benzene, and Carbofuran) that can be found in drinking water. The filtration system also reduces parasitic protozoan cysts, which are biological contaminants not killed by chlorine treatments. If used on water that is unsafe or of unknown quality, the filter cartridge should be used in conjunction with disinfection. A filter cartridge will perform as described for as long as six months between changes.

    The system is designed to be installed on a primary kitchen or bath cold-water line. Regularly scheduled maintenance is recommended, combined with replacement of the filter cartridge(s) at least every six months in order for the product to perform as advertised/sold.