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Toro Precision Spray Nozzle - 10'

  • Patented H2O Chip Technology
  • Durable Construction
  • Matched Precipitation Rate
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    Toro’s Precision™ Series spray nozzles look, install and radius-adjust like the most popular brand of spray nozzles. However, that is where the similarities end. Using patented H²O chip technology – and no moving parts - each Precision Series spray nozzle helps professionals save water, reduce runoff and lower water bills.

    Precision Sprays are more efficient than standard sprays because they apply water more slowly and evenly. With 42% lower flow 12’ Precision Series Spray nozzles still achieve the same 12’ distance of throw as conventional competitive nozzles.

    Patented H²0 Chip Technology Using patented H²0 chip technology – and no moving parts – each Precision Series Spray nozzles creates one or more high frequency oscillating streams to achieve the desired arc and radius with 1/3 less water usage.

    Maximize Irrigation Efficiency - Precision Spray nozzles deliver an industry first 1”/hr (25mm/hr) precipitation rate, which better matches soil infiltration rate. This lower precipitation rate, along with high distribution uniformity make this nozzles family the most efficient nozzle from 5’-15’ (1,5-4,6m). 

    Pressure-Compensating Versions Available - Pressure-Compensating Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles maintain 1”/hr (25mm/hr.) precipitation rate and minimizes misting up to inlet pressures to more than 40 PSI, minimizing the need for a regulating head, at fraction of the cost. 

    Design and Retrofit Effectiveness - The lower flow rate of Precision Series spray nozzles maximizes design efficiency and saves on overall material costs by using fewer valves and less controller stations. In addition, existing systems with low pressure can be fixed with a simple retrofit of the existing high-flow nozzle. 

    Third-Party Performance Validation - Precision™ Series Spray nozzles (non-Pressure-Compensating versions only) have been tested and validated in the field and at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT).

    Manufacturer Toro
    Radius 10'

    Arc Fixed

    Recommended Operating Pressure 20-50 PSI

    Maximum Operating Pressure 75 PSI

    Thread Male