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PSC15 - 1 1/2" Poly Stretch Repair Coupling

  • 1 1/2" Poly Stretch Coupling
  • PSC15
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    PSC15 - 1 1/2" Poly Stretch Repair Coupling

    Fixing broken sprinkler pipe can be a real pain. Save yourself time and energy by using the Poly-stretch coupling by Rainmaid Manufacturing. Contractors and homeowners alike have been using this part for years in order to save time and energy and to avoid the hassle of buckled sprinkler pipe. The Poly-stretch coupling is so easy to use, that even someone without any experience with irrigation can repair sprinkler pipe using this product along with our simple how-to instructions. See for yourself. The Poly-stretch coupling can even be used to repair pressure lines in your irrigation system and is the only product of its kind for repairing poly pipe.

    The Poly-stretch coupling is a molded plastic fitting designed for use in repairing polyethylene sprinkler pipe. It extends so that you do not have to manipulate the sprinkler line while repairing, risking buckling and damaging the sprinkler line further. Instead, the fitting itself grows, making for a clean and easy repair for leaking pipe.