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A.R.I. with over 40 years of experience is a leading manufacturer and provider of solutions for the protection of liquid transmission systems world wide. Founded in Israel, A.R.I. now has branches in The United States, Germany, Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, France, and markets in over 90 countries worldwide. A.R.I. bases its success on its three marketing strengths; sustainable products, excellent customer service and support, and innovation. To that end, backflow preventers are the newest product innovation among the A.R.I. family of products. The simple design with its superior nylon composite material makes A.R.I. backflow products the next generation of backflow preventers.

The A.R.I. RP-500 Backflow Preventer is designed to supply maximum protection against backflow caused by negative pressure or backpressure.  Backflow may cause infiltration of chemicals, fertilizers and/or other pollutants into potable water systems. The A.R.I. RP-500 is reliable and easily maintained, without the need for special tools.  The A.R.I. RP-500 is built with two independent, easily replaceable capsulated spring-loaded check valves. A revolutionary, internal Reduced Pressure Zone, located between the check valves, ensures .protection and reliable performance of the relief valve.