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Armada Technologies

Armada Technologies is an independently owned and operated manufacturer of underground electrical testing tools. Based in Caledonia, Michigan.  Armada Technologies has been the irrigation industry's leading supplier of location and test tools since 2004. Thanks to the loyalty of their customers and a dedication to value, Armada has evolved to serve not only the irrigation industry, but also landscape lighting, cable TV, telecommunications, rental, campground, invisible pet fencing and many other industries.

Armada Technologies extensive line of test equipment is used across many industries: Armada Technologies' tools can diagnose or fix just about any problem you would encounter on a wiring or cable installation job. This intense focus on product functionality for end users results in the kind of technologically advanced products designed for specific contractor needs.

Value. Precision. Support. Don't let your wire and valve locator leave you in the dark. Armada Technologies specializes in underground wire and valve location and testing. Because Armada began their business specializing in testing tools for the irrigation industry, wire and valve location remains their area of expertise, a specialty evidenced in their product line. 

Why rely on Armada's wire location & testing tools? Simple usability, quick test results. Armada's underground locators, multimeters and solenoid checkers feature easy-to-read controls and simple connectors designed to make accurate wire location and diagnoses fast and easy for anyone — from expert contractor to brand new employee. 

Enhanced capabilities. Armada Technologies wire and valve testing tools offer many features that aren't available on other models at the same price point, such as the Pro800's wireless broadcast mode and rechargeable transmitter battery. 

Priced for ownership. High-priced testing tools can quickly dwindle a contractor's or company's profit. That's why Armada Technologies' testing tools offer the perfect balance of quality, functionality and affordability: so you can get the precision testing you need without sacrificing profit margin. Wire & valve location beyond expectations.