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Brilliance LED

Located in gorgeous Carefree, Arizona, Brilliance LED is an original Landscape Retrofit LED company that is dedicated to the landscape lighting industry. Brilliance is leading the LED landscape lighting arena and is setting the stage to obsolete the incandescent light bulb through the use of energy efficient, environmentally friendly LED retrofit lamps. Brilliance LED's product family includes MR-16, PAR36, G-4 Bipin, Single Contact Bayonet (1156), Double Contact Bayonet (AR-11), G-4 Wafer and much more. Brilliance LED offers multiple options for beam angle and color.

Brilliance LED is passionate about leading the landscape lighting industry into a fully penetrated energy efficient LED environment with only the highest quality products at the most cost effective pricing. We strive to provide honest and exemplary customer service to our national network of distributors and we will do all of this with a sustainable goal of preserving our planet.