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Illumicare Group

Established using an advanced product development and innovation model, Illumicare Group Limited is an outdoor lighting manufacturer driven by the demand for better LED, fixture and transformer solutions for the landscape lighting industry.

For more than 15 years, Illumicare’s professionals have been designing, installing and selling landscape and commercial lighting systems. Working with their distribution partners, they offer the first LED lamps developed specifically for the outdoor lighting industry, as well as solid brass, stainless steel and copper fixtures, low-voltage transformers and other lighting accessories.

Illumicare's team is dedicated to improving and enhancing outdoor and landscape LED illumination.

Illumicare Group Limited's focus is eliminating the barriers involved in engineering superior LED lighting technologies and adapting to environmental demands to produce an innovative, energy-efficient lamp for both new and retro-fit lighting installations.

At Illumicare, their team of lighting professionals continue to design and develop the most failure-resistant, energy-efficient lights in the landscape and commercial lighting industries. Through this process, Illumicare has set manufacturing standards that produce the highest quality and longest lasting LED lamps in North America.