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Galcon is a leading manufacturer of computerized irrigation controllers and systems for residential and professional gardeners, landscapers and municipalities.

Galcon’s state-of-the art agriculture irrigation systems are the preferred choice of farmers and growers.

Water utilities use Galcon’s pressure management solutions for managing their water resource and reduce water loses.

Based on extensive research and experience, Galcon recognized the need for irrigation customers to get the right amount of water to the right place at the right time.

Years of hands-on expertise, research and developmentmakes Galcon a world leader in computerized irrigation controllers and systems that are known for their reliability and durability even under the harshest weather conditions.

Based on our philosophy “No field is too large, no garden is too small and no environment is too demanding”, Galcon provides its controllers and systems to four sectors: Residential Gardening, Turf & Landscape, Agriculture and Waterworks.

Residential Gardening

For home gardening, Galcon offers a wide range of battery-operated controllers as well as AC controllers. All residential gardening controllers are easy to install and use.

Turf & Landscape

For professional gardening, Galcon provides an extensive array of specialized AC-electric and DC -battery operated controllers.

For municipalities and public gardening, Galcon offers its G.S.I irrigation controller, which is the perfect web-based system to centrally control irrigation and water budgeting. It continues the legacy of Galcon irrigation products that are famous for their simplicity, efficiency and reliability at reasonable cost.

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Galcon 11000EZ - Hose Bib Timer
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Item #: 11000EZ - Galcon 11000EZ - Hose Bib Timer 11000EZ ControllersThe 11000EZ controllers feature easy to set up 3-step programming. All controllers have the option for delayed starting time. The LCD display allows for simple programming using...
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