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Kasco Marine Inc.
Kasco Marine, Inc. was founded in the early 1970's with the introduction of the Kasco De-Icer. This first innovation was designed to help marina's protect equipment in the water during harsh Minnesota winters. The company grew quickly throughout the 1970’s and with the introduction of an improved unit in the 1980’s, took on the national market for de-icing equipment. Today the company is the leading provider of floating de-icers.

In the mid-1980’s, the company diversified into pond aerators, using the reliable design of the de-icer as the core of the new product offering. Aquaculture users readily adopted the early pond aerators and became a loyal customer base. The reputation of the units grew and soon the company was selling to customers for use in public and private ponds. Adding a pumping chamber and some slight modifications to the pond aerator led to the production of Kasco's aerating fountains. The aerating fountains provide the best of both worlds; aeration and water movement for improved water quality and pond health, and a beautiful display pattern to enhance the aesthetics of a pond or lake.