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CSV150 - 1" Cycle Stop Valve - 1 to 25 GPM

  • Engineer Grade Thermo-plastic
  • Stainless Steel Comperssion Spring
  • Buna-N Diaphragm
Item #: CSV150
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    The CYCLE STOP VALVE models CSV1/1.25 are patented pump control valves that automatically adjust pump output to match variable flow requirements. Downstream of the CSV1 and CSV1.25, pressure remains constant as long as demand on the system is between 1 and 25 gpm for the 1” and 2-50 gpm for the 1 1/4”. As flow rates vary, the valve inside the CSV1 moves closer to or farther away from the valve seat. This enables the pressure downstream of the CSV1/1.25 to remain constant regardless of flow.

    When there is no longer any demand on the system, the pressure begins to rise and the valve is pressed against the valve seat. The non-closing seat is designed to allow flow of approximately 1 gpm. As flow continues past the seat, 1 gpm begins to enter the pressure tank placed downstream of the CSV1/1.25. As the pressure tank slowly fills, the system pressure begins to rise to pressure switch shut off pressure. Pressure switch shut off pressure must always be set higher than the pressure regulated by the CSV1/1.25. Maximum pump shut off pressure cannot be higher than 150 PSI and pressure differential cannot be more than 125 PSI.

    Regardless of tank size, as the tank fills, the pressure downstream of the CSV1/1.25 will slowly rise to the pressure switch shut off point and the pump will be shut off. As flow is again demanded from the system, the pressure tank will empty and the pressure switch will start the pump.

    This valve eliminates water hammer in your system when start pressure and valve pressure are the same. The CSV1/1.25 is recommended for potable water systems and does not tolerate bacteria, algae, or sand abrasion. It is very important that this model not be put in a bind as it will bend in the middle and begin to squirt water until it is straightened back up.

    Over time, (how long depends on water quality) the CSV1/1.25 can begin to vent water to atmosphere. (The valve will not leak when the pump is not running as the weep is a function of the valve actuating and not a leak) The CSV1/1.25 valve will function correctly whether it is venting air or water. If this “weeping” is not acceptable for your application, * the CSV1 should be installed in the well casing using the CSC1 or CSV1.25. An alternative model for most of the same applications would be the CSV1W/1Z. The CSV1W/1Z better tolerate bacteria, algae, and abrasives and do not vent water to atmosphere.

    Model: CSV1-50

    Max Temp: 90ºF

    Max Shut Off: 150 PSI

    Flow: 1 to 25 GPM

    Pressure Setting: 50 PSI

    Pipe Size: 1" Female X Female

    On January 4, 2014 Federal Law (U.S. Senate Bill No. S.3874) mandated that the wetted surface of every pipe, fixture, and fitting sold for or installed in potable water applications not contain more than 0.25% lead by weight.